Welcome to New York Awards

Audience Favorite at the 2012 Louisville LGBT Film Festival for Narrative Short!

Best LGBT Film at SENE film music and art festival.

Best LGBT Film at South Texas Underground Film Festival

Welcome to New York Reviews

Gay Celluloid

“As too is the well-played back story to Matthew Watson / Ryan and Ashleigh Murray / Simone’s chance meeting on the streets of New York”

” A sleazy fast food vendor wonderfully displaying the talents of Victor Cruz”

“Frankly, I want to see more”

“Sherry Vine, together with the vibrant cast make this O’ Connor’s best work to date”

Reviews by Amos Lassen

All of us love surprises and “Welcome to New York” is filled with them”

“Heading the cast is Sherry Vine as Dr. Kitty Rosenblatt, a very unorthodox psychiatrist who has quite a successful practice (and who is absolutely hysterical in her role)”

“Steven Tylor O’Connor directed and he should be very proud of this clever little film. This is the second film of his that I have seen and I can say that he is one of the new directors to watch. If “Welcome to New York” is an omen of what we can expect from him then we are very lucky.”


Scott’s Movie Comments

Welcome to New York is a perfectly charming film”

“One of the funniest moments in the flick is the look on Nick Page’s face when Vine expresses befuddlement over the notion of working as a drag queen.”

“Ms. Vine is very funny, and in a way that doesn’t rely on the inherent humor of a man dressing as a woman. For some reason, she reminds me a lot of the actor Sylvia Miles.”

“The strongest  scenario involving a very appealing Megan Kane and Matthew Watson and an awkward first date with Sean Paul Lockhart and Alex Ringler that could have been drawn from a Seinfeld episode. Lockhart is particularly endearing as an apparent young innocent.”

“Perhaps the best compliment I can pay O’Connor’s movie is that it ended too soon. It could easily be expanded to feature length. While it is clearly low-budget, it does not look cheap. And it has a nifty soundtrack that includes tracks by Eric Williams, Brandon Hilton, Bryan Fenkart and Chris Salvatore.”


ThatGayMovie Blog

“O’Connor does an impressive job of introducing and fleshing out a large number of characters, tantalising us with a very brief look into their dysfunctional lives. It’s very easy to imagine an expanded feature…”

“O’Connor here shows his skill at writing great awkward situations ripe for comedic squeezing”

“Special mention should go TV vet Victor Cruz, who puts in a great turn as the sleazeball sandwich vendor who drips more grease than his lunchtime specials, and Lockhart, who proves a deft hand at comedy. And of course, Sherry Vine…”


Rogue Cinema

“Steven Tylor O’Connor has captured several small slices of life in the Big Apple and tied them all together in one of the funniest shorts I’ve seen all year!”

“The real star of this short is Sherry Vine as Dr. Rosenblatt, both tying each story together and managing to steal almost every scene she’s in; Vine is clearly the star of the show who somehow manages not to outshine the material!”

“It’s terrific and had me laughing out loud more than once! If you have the chance, visit New York, but if you don’t get that kind of time off, then grab a copy of Welcome to New York and take a short vacation!”


Film Threat

“Sherry Vine has a charm that is all her own”

“The film is also pretty funny, with more than a few moments that got a good laugh out of me.”

Q Magazine

“Sherry Vine sizzles…she really leaps out and grabs you.”

“You will find yourself dying for a sequel!”


O’Connor has a unique ability in his script writing, to give any audience something to smile about and relate to, not to mention, a craving for the sequel.”

Washington Blade

“‘Welcome to New York’ is campy fun that plays like a pilot for a TV show”

“Though it’s only 30 minutes long, it feels as though it covers a lot of ground and leaves you wanting [more].”

Alternate Sexuality Movie Blog

“one of the better gay short narrative features that I have seen in a while coming from USA.”

“The humor and bitchiness of the characters were just spot on”

“Jake’s story in my opinion was the best and most hilarious and acted pretty well too. Lockhart playing Jake has done a good job.”

“Mick, the drag queens story, although done in a light tone is very touching and heart-felt. It is unfortunate reality that how some people can treat others just as a piece of meat when everyone deserves love and respect.”

“The director, who is the captain of the ship,  has done good job extracting  good to excellent performances from all the actors which is not easy job, given it is quite a multi-starrer.”

“Sherry Vine is hilarious and you can’t help but salute and laugh at her expressions and one-liners.”

“this film deserves to be seen and applauded.”